Synchronisation Monitoring

With our technology you can be sure of total visibility and carrier-class control of your synchronisation network. Our OSA management system portfolio and unique Syncjack™ technology enable continuous monitoring and alerting of timing performance while in service.


PTP Grandmaster Clocks

Whether you’re looking to deploy solutions in the core, at the edge of the network, or even deep in the radio access network and collocated with the application, our portfolio of synchronisation devices provides you with the ideal solution.


Network management systems

Built around high-available and scalable data architecture, our Ensemble Controller and Ensemble Sync Director combine our proven and widely applied FSP network management solution with latest SDN control and virtualized network management for full control of the synchronisation as well as the underlying transport network. With continuous, real-time visibility into the entire synchronisation network in graphical format, operators can easily and efficiently prevent synchronisation outages and loss of quality.

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