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EdgeTime Core

Description: A fundamental TaaS offering designed for businesses seeking essential time synchronization services. It includes basic setup, maintenance, and support for standard network configurations.

Target Audience: Small to medium-sized enterprises or startups requiring basic, reliable time synchronization.

EdgeTime Pro

Description: An advanced version of EdgeTime, featuring enhanced capabilities like high-precision timing, detailed compliance reporting, and custom configuration options.

Target Audience: Larger organizations or those in heavily regulated industries like finance and telecom, requiring precise timing and detailed compliance.

EdgeTime Enterprise

Description: A premium, fully-managed TaaS solution offering end-to-end services including bespoke system design, 24/7 monitoring, dedicated account management, and on-site support.

Target Audience: Large enterprises or service providers needing comprehensive, customized time synchronization solutions.

EdgeTime Reseller Program

Description: A program enabling partners to resell EdgeTime services. Includes training, branding options, and tiered support to help partners offer TaaS to their own clients.

Target Audience: IT service providers, VARs (Value-Added Resellers), and MSPs (Managed Service Providers) looking to expand their service portfolio.

EdgeTime Integration Services

Description: Specialized services focused on integrating EdgeTime into diverse IT environments, ensuring compatibility and optimizing performance across different network types.

Target Audience: Businesses with complex or heterogeneous network environments requiring specialized integration expertise.

EdgeTime Compliance Solutions

Description: Tailored services to ensure that customers’ time synchronization infrastructure meets specific industry regulations and standards.

Target Audience: Organizations in sectors with stringent regulatory requirements, such as finance and healthcare.

EdgeTime Training 
and Consultancy

Description: Educational services and consultancy for organizations looking to build internal expertise in time synchronization technologies and best practices.

Target Audience: Businesses seeking to enhance their in-house capabilities in time synchronization.

EdgeTime Custom Solutions

Description: Bespoke time synchronization solutions developed to meet unique business needs or to address specific challenges in a client’s existing network infrastructure.

Target Audience: Any business with specific requirements not addressed by standard TaaS offerings.


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