An update to our COVID-19 strategy

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, Edge Networks has remained at the forefront of ensuring stability and reliance during this uncertain time. We continue to take a multitude of actions to manage, mitigate and monitor the evolving situation.

As the situation and understanding of the COVID-19 outbreak moves into a phase of stability, both from a health perspective and also working and economical life, we continue to ensure the virus and subsequent new normal has minimal impact on the services we provide to our customers, their networks and clients. At a time when everyone is under increased pressure and risk, ensuring the health and safety of both our staff and our clients remains our highest priority.

Over the past few weeks Edge has continued to see growth in the utilisation of our services to further bolster the support, protection and resilience of the UK’s leading communications networks. This is over and above our previous service level involvement, reaching to an ever-growing technical area.

We have made further investments to protect our own staff and facilities to ensure  minimum disruption, if any, is experienced by our team, our operations and therefore our clients. A particular aspect of our approach for the past 10 weeks of our own pro-active lock-down has been to ensure enhanced protection of the health of our staff.

A new partnership with Bioshield has enabled added protection for our team. By using a medical grade antimicrobial adhesive protection film on and around our facility, equipment, tools and vehicles, we provide protection for our staff from cross contamination from surfaces shared by multiple people. This protects against illness, a compromised immune system, leave from work, and it increases general protection from other virus-based illnesses.

Edge now plan to utilise the Bioshield system on a much wider basis. This means our client sites and other logistics facilities within the Edge Group will be protected in a systematic manner when visited for technical purposes.

We continue to closely monitor the situation and understand the current outbreak is a growing concern for everyone. Once again, we want to assure you that Edge Networks are here to safeguard the systems and networks of our partners and customers. We will ensure they remain fully supported during this time, in line with our services which are designed to monitor, withstand and protect against detrimental events such as these.

As part of our business continuity plan with our key partners and client base, we would like to understand what your contingency plans are. If you have not already done so, please email with your response statement.