Edge Networks offer a complete suite of fully customisable technology network services, enabling our clients to plan, build and operate today’s fixed and mobile networks.

On-Site Services

Offering a complete array of site services, Edge Networks deliver all aspects of on-site activities, including network enhancement, network expansion, optimisation and consolidation programs that take the output from other service components and turn them into reality, with site work projects and program roll outs.

Network Support

Delivering technical expertise to support the operation of many types of technology network, Edge Networks ensure our clients have the technical ability to maintain, manage, and interact with deployed equipment and network infrastructure, to maximise and maintain its ability for continuous, optimised operation.


Providing the benefits of years of experience and knowledge directly into our clients is one of the core functions of Edge Networks.  Services include initial evaluation of requirements, auditing current capabilities and configurations, producing high-level and low-level designs for deployments, assessing and recommending equipment for deployment, and technology and equipment knowledge transfer.

Hardware Management

Hardware is the heart of any network, and supporting it is key to network performance.  Edge Networks offer the ability to carry out full technical life-cycle support and management of hardware assets, including advanced module replacement, stock and inventory control, consolation management and optimisation analysis.

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