Timing as a service

Delivering Time as a Service (TaaS) through a third party like Edge Networks offers distinct benefits to customers:

Expertise and Specialisation

Edge Networks’ specialised knowledge in time synchronisation technologies, like PTP, ensures high-quality, expert service tailored to specific customer needs.

Reduced Infrastructure Burden

Outsourcing to Edge Networks means customers don’t need to invest heavily in their own timing infrastructure, reducing capital expenditure.

Focus on Core Business

Customers can concentrate on their core business activities while Edge Networks manages the complexities of time synchronisation.

Scalability and Flexibility

Edge Networks can provide scalable solutions that grow with the customer’s business, offering flexibility in adapting to changing needs.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

With expertise in the field, Edge Networks can ensure that time synchronisation solutions comply with relevant industry regulations and standards.

Reliability and Uptime

Edge Networks’ dedicated support and maintenance can lead to higher system reliability and uptime, crucial for finance and telecom sectors.

Customised Service Level Agreements (SLAs):

Tailored SLAs to meet specific operational requirements, ensuring peace of mind for customers.

Local and Responsive Support

Being UK-based, Edge Networks can offer more responsive and localised support, which is particularly advantageous for real-time operations in finance and telecom industries.

Financial Analyst Working on a Computer with Multi-Monitor Workstation with Real-Time Stocks, Commodities and Exchange Market Charts. Businessman Works in Investment Bank Downtown Office at Night.

The crucial role of timing precision in modern industries

In various industries, the precision of time synchronisation is paramount. Its absence could hinder financial services firms in accurately tracking stock trading or detecting fraud attempts. Critical military missions might fail, manufacturing, healthcare and transport processes could become unmanageable, and the safety of self-driving cars would be compromised.

Enterprises rely significantly on precise timing. If servers, storage systems, switches, and routers lack proper synchronisation, transaction logs become questionable. Consider a scenario: did a transaction occur on May 4th at 11:59 or May 5th at 12:00:00? Though seemingly insignificant, this discrepancy can reverberate across interconnected systems, affecting SLAs and compliance. Timing failures can ruin video conferences, leading to poor-quality video and audio that isn’t synchronised—resulting in jitter and cutting off participant’s mid-sentence. Moreover, a lack of synchronisation between servers can jeopardise cyber security, as inconsistent log files make it challenging to comprehend when and how an intrusion occurred


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