Hardware Management

Hardware support and management is critical for the performance of any timing and synchronisation deployment.

As part of the wider services portfolio Edge Networks provide robust and efficient systems and processes to provide complete life-cycle support and management of timing and synchronisation hardware assets, including advanced module replacement, testing and repair route, stock and inventory control, consolation management and optimisation analysis.

Timing equipment obsolescence management

Due to the relativity slow evolution of network requirements for timing and synchronisation, this type of equipment can remain deployed and performing within specification for many years after the initial deployment and usually much longer than most other types of equipment.  This means that hardware support and technical expertise is vital long after the equipment ceases to be sold, repaired, or even supported by the original manufacturer.

Edge Networks years of experience, knowledge and backed by legacy equipment assets allow continuation of use and the efficient management of the current deployed network assets.  The obsolescence mitigation management program factors in knowledge about the legacy equipment as well as client future network roadmap plans, service development plans and all hardware options for end-of-life, end-of-support, upgrade options, and repair or replace options including spares options and technical support ability.

All the above factors act as input data for the obsolescence mitigation management program, enabling within specification performance and a viable roadmap for the total required lifetime of the deployment.

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