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Timing and synchronisation are fundamental resources for today’s telecoms, energy, finance and enterprise sectors.  Edge Networks provide an array of consultancy services to organisations throughout the world delivering the excellent design, configuration and training that are vital to the performance and efficiency of services that rely on this resource.

Network design

Edge Networks have the capability to design or model large scale, new or existing legacy SDH, packet and hybrid networks and recommend the types and configuration of network equipment to achieve the required performance and maintain fault tolerance within network policies.  This service also documents capital expense requirements and details of any policy or performance excursions likely to be imposed by the network topology.

MiFID II compliance

The MiFID II consultancy service along with on-site timing infrastructure audits and performance measurements enables clients to demonstrate compliance to the relevant MiFID II RTS-25 regulations regarding the accurate synchronisation of the business clocks used to record the date and time of all reportable events. It includes:

• Testing, calibration and certification of all master and boundary clocks
• Audit and maintenance of GPS/GNSS antenna, cabling and infrastructure
• Compliance audit of timing network architecture design and documentation
• Analysis of fail-mode scenarios and timing system resiliency
• Equipment functional specification compliance audit
• Full report with recommendations

As an additional benefit, the audit of documentation, installation and equipment configuration enables the option for provision of a hardware and timing network Support Level Agreement in future if required.•

Configuration audit

Networks are made resilient with careful configuration, the network configuration audit gathers network configuration the enable an accurate distribution behavioural model of a network to be built.  The model not only visualises synchronisation distribution, it also allows the determination of over-investment, under-investment, and fault tolerance.

Network capability audit

A network capability audit service removes the uncertainty from any timing and synchronisation deployment.  For instance the adoption of IEEE-1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) for synchronisation distribution to applications at the edge of a network, many organisations are having to retrofit PTP technology within an existing packet network not originally specified to support this solution, leading to questions regarding timing performance.

Using the latest field and lab measurement and emulation equipment along with expert knowledge gained from years of timing deployments, Edge Networks assess, analyse and report on the performance expected from proposed solutions.

Equipment evaluation

Timing and synchronisation performance is directly related to the equipment and technologies used, deployment of of PTP in particular increases the probability of performance or interopability issues.  The equipment evaluation service is aimed primarily at identifying and evaluating behaviour, performance, and signalling excursions of network equipment from the relevant standards and the end application requirements.  Edge Networks perform equipment evaluation at either the clients lab or at our own well-equipped reference lab.


With many years involvement with all aspects of timing and synchronisation and continual review of the latest standards and industry practices, Edge Networks deliver industry leading knowledge and training in these complex subjects.  Rather than repeating stock courses over and over, each course is tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements and delivered by subject matter experts and engineers with practical experience.

Courses include every aspect of network synchronisation from high-level concepts including synchronisation principles and standards, practical architectural issues such as synchronisation distribution planning tools and techniques, and hands-on product training for specific equipment.

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