Managed Repair Services

Our proven Managed Repair Services (MRS) offer astreamlined, stress-free approach to handling product returns and repairs.

Engineer or technician repair electronic circuit board with soldering iron

MRS is designed to cover the end-to-enddemands of repair logistics and management – a client only needs to raise arequest with us, and Edge will handle the rest.

Hassle-Free Repairs:

Faulty units are conveniently collected from the client’s site, repaired by our skilled team, and re-issued promptly. This process is designed to be seamless and efficient, minimizing downtime for our clients.

Integration with AMR Services:

MRS works in tandem with our Advance Module Replacement (AMR) services. This combination allows us to comprehensively manage client hardware issues.

With MRS, we aim to exceed expectations byintegrating efficiency and customer satisfaction into every aspect of themanaged repair process – faults are resolved and equipment repaired without theneed for client involvement.


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