Synchronisation network planning

Sync planning and design software is used for documentation of current or proposed future deployments, simulation of failures, configurations or element additions or removals and to optimise the utilisation of existing synchronisation network assets to improve the quality of timing distribution.


Sync Architect & Distiller

A comprehensive synchronisation network simulation software package, featuring multi-technology, support including TDM, SDH, SyncE, or user defined, multi-vendor support and an intuitive, multi layered graphical user interface.

Synchronisation planning and design application

The application provides software network models that can be shared, distributed or presented and modified in realtime throughout the organisation. Comprehensive reports, diagrams and scenario results can be exported for use in presentations and technical documents. Sync Architect has a proven track record of identifying sync loops, network design issues and optimisation strategies.

Sync Architect Distiller is an optional additional module for Sync Architect designed to support the use of Sync Architect within existing networks. It acts as a data mining tool to interpret output data streams from virtually any network management system and build Sync Architect network models.

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