PTP slave & boundary clocks

Two essential components of the hierarchical synchronisation architecture are slave and boundary clocks. A slave clock depends on a master clock for its accuracy, whereas a boundary clock can act as either a destination or source of synchronisation information.


OSA 5401

Our OSA 5401 is a highly accurate and uniquely efficient small form-factor pluggable (SFP) GNSS receiver and grandmaster clock with the smallest footprint and most compact design on the market.

SFP-based PTP grandmaster, boundary and slave clock

Supporting higher data rates and increasing coverage challenges mobile network operators to pursue new avenues in radio access network synchronisation. Air interface evolution and public small cells demand ultra-compact and cost-effective synchronisation solutions for deployment deep in the radio access network.

Are you facing the challenge of synchronising small cell base stations deployed in your radio access network? Do you have difficulties with synchronising legacy 2G and 3G equipment when migrating your backhaul network from SONET/SDH to packet-based infrastructure? Our OSA 5401 SyncPlug™ small-form factor pluggable (SFP) can help to enable precise synchronisation in the most space-restrictive environments. Now there’s a simple way to upgrade legacy systems with IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and Synchronous Ethernet functionality. With our OSA 5401 SyncPlug™ SFP, supporting modern LTE-TDD, LTE-Advanced as well as 5G-NR radio access network technology is no longer challenge.

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OSA 5405

Our OSA 5405 features a unique dual GNSS antenna that enables it to deliver accurate synchronisation even in urban canyons. Installation complexity and cost traditionally associated with the use of GNSS are reduced to a minimum.

In-/outdoor smart GNSS antenna with integrated receiver and PTP grandmaster

Available in both indoor and outdoor variants, our OSA 5405 can be deployed in even the most difficult environments, such as urban canyons, where GNSS signals often fail. With its rugged housing for outdoor deployment, our OSA 5405 delivers unparalleled freedom to locate synchronisation precisely where it’s most effective.

Its small footprint means it can also be installed on indoor windows to avoid multipath signal interference from objects within the building. And, our OSA 5405 also boasts the smallest available power footprint, making this the greenest small cell synchronisation technology on the market.

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OSA 5410 Series

Our OSA 5410 family of IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) access grandmaster devices is optimized for synchronisation distribution, testing and assurance at the network edge.

PTP grandmaster, GNSS receiver and sync probe

With its compact small form factor design, our OSA 5410 products offer phenomenal space and power efficiency. These highly flexible devices are configurable to operate in grandmaster clock, assisted partial timing support, boundary clock and slave clock mode. With high-end quartz or rubidium oscillator options, the OSA 5410 Series guarantees extended holdover performance. The technology also offers unrivalled ease of use and comprehensive control through the Ensemble Controller and Sync Director advanced management platform.

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