Core PTP grandmasters

Capacity, scale and redundancy at the core of the network.


OSA 5430

Our OSA 5430 is designed to help network operators achieve stringent phase and time synchronisation requirements and is the first IEEE 1588 grandmaster clock device on the market to support PTP, NTP and SyncE over multiple 10Gbit/s Ethernet interfaces.

Advanced high-capacity synchronisation solution

Only our OSA 5430 offers the space and energy savings of hardware redundancy together with the scale needed for today’s expanding and evolving radio access networks. It is also the industry’s first protected PTP-over-10Gbit/s interface for the delivery of frequency, phase and time synchronisation over packet-based networks.

The technology offers enormous capacity, supporting up to 1024 PTP slaves at 128pps and supports multiple interfaces including 16x E1/2.048MHz output expansion panel to provide a smooth migration from legacy to next-generation sync.

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OSA 5440

Our OSA 5440 is a highly advanced, flexible and cost-effective synchronisation solution optimised for deployment in metro and core networks.

Advanced high-capacity and multi-technology synchronisation solution

With multiple legacy and next-generation fan-out options, our OSA 5440 is ideal for deployment in legacy synchronisation architectures as well as packet-based networks. It provides space for 10 line cards and can support PTP, NTP, and SyncE over 48 Ethernet ports, delivering unrivaled line rates of up to 10Gbit/s. Thanks to its adaptability and modular architecture, our OSA 5440 is the ultimate future-proof solution able to provide that crucial link between legacy and emerging technologies such as LTE-A and 5G.

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OSA 5535

Our OSA 5335 delivers precise and reliable frequency, phase and time-of-day info for mobile and other industries, from media broadcasting to smart power grids.

Modular core PTP grandmaster

Our OSA 5335 is a scalable and high-performance IEEE 1588v2 standard-compliant grandmaster clock. Its carrier-class design provides high client capacity and a wide range of redundancy options to deliver scalable performance and maximum availability.

The modular design accommodates multiple high-capacity PTP modules, enabling a total capacity of more than 3,000 remote PTP slave clients. Each high capacity PTP module includes a hardware-based PTP engine with highly accurate timestamping. The OSA 5335 comes with universal input modules accepting a wide range of input signals, with up to two GNSS input modules, supporting GPS and GLONASS.

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