Cesium Clocks

Ultimate timing stability for PRC, ePRC and metrological applications.


OSA 3230B

Our OSA 3230B PRC and ePRC cesium units are the key for assured and precise synchronisation, even in the absence of a GNSS signal.

OSA 3230B PRC and ePRC

Meeting the increasingly stringent synchronisation needs of new and emerging applications presents operators with a major challenge. The current requirement is for the implementation of a primary reference clock source at central office locations that generates ITU-T G.811/Stratum 1 frequency signals with accuracy greater than ±1 x 10-11 at all times. Our OSA 3230B achieves this and more.

Our OSA 3230B is ideal for enhancing overall network performance and preventing up-stream network clock errors. It comes with multiple local and remote management options for easy integration into industrial, professional time and frequency host systems. What’s more, its space-saving design means it will fit seamlessly into existing environments.

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OSA 3235B

Metrological Reference Clock Source using Digital Cesium technology

Metrological Reference Clock Source

For years, cesium beam frequency standards have been constantly improved so as to satisfy the increasingly stringent specification of time and frequency reference equipment. The availability of “easy to operate” instrument of reduced size and weight and of exceptional accuracy and stability provides the user with great flexibility in using cesium standards for meeting the stringent requirements of navigation, communication and timing systems.

The OSA 3235B Cesium Clock is an atomic frequency standard based on a hyperfine transition in the ground state of the cesium 133 atom. The OSA 3235B Cesium Clock is specifically designed and produced with the latest technology in a very compact and reduced size. Taking into consideration its unique reduced volume, the OSA 3235B offers a set of operation features and performance without comparison on the market. Available with a long life cesium tube, OSA 3235B will meet the requirements where performances are needed over a long period of time.

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