Edge Networks partner with APC Time to provide new Timing Service Level Agreement

Edge Networks are pleased to announce their partnership with APC Time, part of APC Technology Group, to launch a new Timing Service Level Agreement to protect time synchronisation within critical IT networks.

Timing is an essential resource that enables finance, broadcast, power and communications technologies to work accurately and efficiently.  Drops in time synchronisation quality not only results in system and efficiency issues but can have regulatory implications for organisations where timing accuracy must fall within certain thresholds. This new service from Edge Networks and APC Time ensures customers’ timing services are monitored and maintained at all times.

Edge Networks has a deep understanding of timing platforms, systems and deployments.  They have built and delivered large SLAs for some of the UK’s leading telecoms and utility providers.  APC Time delivers on the design, specification and distribution of specialist timing and synchronisation systems and connectivity products.  Between them, the teams have two decades of practical experience and technical know-how in installing, managing and maintaining time synchronisation across critical networks.

The solutions are individually tailored to each customer, giving businesses the level of timing maintenance and performance requirement to meet specific network requirements.  Benefits include guaranteed uptime and fixed timeframes for essential timing services, and increased visibility into the performance and health of timing equipment and the overall network.

Jon Lanceley, Managing Director of Edge Networks, is excited about the new partnership:

“We are very pleased to partner with APC Time to develop this next level of service offering for our clients.  APC Time are recognised as established leaders in their field and by combining this with the technical expertise at Edge Networks, we are confident we will provide a service that is second to none in this arena.”

Echoing his thoughts, Mark Broadhead, APC Time’s Sales Manager commented:

“We are delighted to launch our new Timing Service Level Agreement partnership with Edge Networks.  We have a long and successful working relationship with the team at Edge and we look forward to offering more value to our customers with this single source solution for technical support, repair services and field support.  The new service is individually tailored to each customer to ensure they achieve the level of timing maintenance and performance required – reducing the overall risk of degradation or loss of timing services and the impact on business operations that depend on them.”

For information about the new Timing Service Level Agreement, contact hello@edgenetworks.uk or call 03333 111 400.