Understanding mental health in the delivery of remote working

The pandemic has posed multiple challenges for businesses and with many people required to work from home, one of the biggest hurdles for leaders to overcome has been that of remotely managing and leading a team.

Research shows that remote working has had damaging effects on mental wellbeing with 80% of UK employees revealing it has had a negative impact on their mental health.

With remote working set to stay, managing the mental health of employees has become a top business priority.

Supporting employees’ mental health
It is vital leaders gain a better understanding of mental health in the delivery of remote working, and its influence on business success and creativity, in order to:

  • Develop a culture of solidarity: a “family” rather than a “team”.
  • Create a compassionate and caring environment for those who may feel hurt or frightened.
  • Provide comfortable conditions which spark creativity and innovation.
  • Build an agile company with the means to adapt and respond to changing conditions.

Created by experts

Edge Networks has partnered with training and education company, Mind Over Matter Consultancy (MOM), to deliver a suite of Remote Performance and Wellbeing Programmes designed to help employees excel when working remotely.

Led by Professor Chris Kemp, MOM are specialists in creating, developing and delivering tailored experiences, education courses, and high-level consultancy projects. An area of their expertise is in remote working and managing the leadership, teamwork and mental health aspects that come with it.

Tailored approach
Designed for your specific business needs, our scenario-based, practical approach to managing mental health will provide a positive reality check for your business and support new perspectives on:

  • Solving remote team challenges in a dynamically changing workplace.
  • Creating more effective, efficient and productive teams in a range of environments.
  • Supporting agility in helping workmates through the change processes.
  • Communicating with and motivating others to create a cohesive remote workforce.
  • Maximising workforce potential by developing creative thinkers.

Impact and benefits
Companies who engage in our programmes will learn how to create and support a team with the appropriate practical capabilities to deliver to their maximum potential in a remote environment. Participants will develop themselves and their teams, creating effective relationships and business outcomes both in situ and remotely.

More information on the Remote Performance and Wellbeing Programmes can be found here